10 KWH Battery System For Solar System





  • LiFePO4 is used as positive material, long cycle life and good safety performance.
  • Cycle life is no less than 6000 cycles @80% DOD, 0.5C.
  • Wall mount compact design, 5/10kWH available.
  • Easy plug and play input/output terminal for easy installation.
  • System capacity available for up-to 102KWH.
  • Battery cell is Certificated with IEC/ UL.



10 kwh battery system for solar system

Product Introduction
10 kWH battery system for solar system (ESS) is becoming popular because it has many benefits for the environment, the economy and the electric grid. Some of the main reasons why ESS is popular are:

  • 10 kWH battery system for solar system can store excess electricity from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, and release it when needed. This can increase the share of clean energy in the power mix and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 10 kWH battery system for solar system can stabilize the grid power and make the grid system more efficient. By storing electricity over different lengths of time, from seconds to days, ESS can balance the supply and demand fluctuations and prevent power outages and blackouts.
  • 10 kWH battery system for solar system can reduce the cost of energy delivery and consumption. By storing electricity when it is cheap and abundant, and using it when it is expensive and scarce, ESS can lower the electricity bills for consumers and avoid peak demand charges. It can also provide backup power and increase energy independence for households and businesses.
  • 10 kWH battery system for solar system can create flexibility and value for the electric grid. By providing various services and applications, such as frequency regulation, voltage support, ramping control, ancillary services, etc., ESS can enhance the stability, reliability and resilience of the grid. It can also enable new business models and revenue streams for grid operators and owners.


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