pitched tile roof mounting

Brief Introduce US-RM-T

Install Site: Pitch Tin Roof Max Building

Height: Up to 20m(=65ft).

Max Wind Speed:60m/s

Snow Load:1.4 KN/m²

Material:Aluminum 6005-T5

Warranty: 10 years warranty;25 years service life.



U-Shine Pitched Tin Roof Mounting is made by high quality extruded Aluminum,

the weight is light and it’s convenient.It’s easy to install and can work for any solar modules.



A: US-TH-L-B L Foot, with 1pc                    B: US-R02 Extruded Al6005-T5 Rail Profile              C: US-R02-5 Rail Splice, Al6005 & SUS304              US-IC-40 Mid Clamp, AI6005 & SU5304

M6.3x80mm screw.                                        To support solar panel.                                                    To extend rail length.                                                         To fix framed panel on rail.

E: US-5C-40 End Clamp, A16005 & SUS304

To fix framed panel on rail.

Installation Guide


Step 1:Install L foot on tin roofing                                      Step 2:Fix solar rail on L foot and lock by T modules set.        Step 3: Put solar panel on rail and fix with solar clamp.


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