3-5.5KW Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter with MPPT Solar Controller

1.Touch screen display

2.PV and utility power take the load at same time(can setting)

3.Output power factor PF=1.0

4.On&Off Grid with energy storage

5.Energy generated record,load record,history Information and fault record

6.Language and time setting

7.Structure with dust filter

8.AC charging and AC output time setting

9.Charging voltage and charging current timing

10.External Wi-Fi device optional

11.Parallel operation  up to 9 units

12.Connected with battery optional

13.Wide PV input range 120-450VDC

14.Independent CPU

15.MAX PV Array power 5000W

16.Solar and Utility supply power to the load when solar power is not sufficient to load

17.The CT sensor will monitor the power consumption of the system and will make sure no excess PV power is delivered to the grid company .




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