4.8kwh Rack Mount Residential Energy Storage


A decentralized grid-connected battery system that works with a solar panel system is called 4.8kwh rack mounting residential energy storage. It is mostly used by people who live in single-family homes and want to use more of their own solar power and pay less for electricity.

4.8kwh rack mounting residential energy storage can also help the grid by providing backup power when the grid fails, balancing the frequency and reducing the peak demand, and joining programs that reward flexible electricity use.


A home energy storage system has three main parts: a battery, an inverter, and a management system. The battery stores the energy, the inverter changes the energy into the right form, either electric or heat, and the management system makes sure the storage system works well.


High security technology ensures stable and excellent performance.

Compatible with multiple inverters including

KSTAR DEYE GOODWE Solis Growatt Voltronic….

It provides highly efficient energy solutions for household scenarios and small commercial




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4.8kwh rack mounting residential energy storage is a scalable modular design, the capacity range can be expanded from 5.12kWh to 51.2kWh. The modules are connected by cables to support high-power work and are easy to install and maintain. Long life technology ensures more than 6000 cycles with 90% DOD.


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