4.8kwh Wall Mount Residential Energy Storage

Product Introduction
The 4.8kWH wall mounting residential energy storage has below feature:Space saving: Wall mount battery can be installed on the wall, saving floor space and making the installation more flexible and convenient. This can be especially useful for small or crowded spaces.

  • Long life: Wall mount battery usually uses lithium-ion or lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, which has a longer cycle life and higher energy density than lead-acid or nickel-based batteries. This means that wall mount battery can last longer and store more energy per unit weight.
  • Low maintenance: Wall mount battery does not require active maintenance, such as venting, cooling, or watering, unlike some other types of batteries. It also does not emit harmful gases or leak acid, making it safer and more environmentally friendly.
  • High efficiency: Wall mount battery has a low energy loss during charging and discharging, which means that it can deliver more usable energy and reduce electricity costs. It also has a high round-trip efficiency (RTE), which is the ratio of energy output to energy input.


The capacity of energy storage for one family depends on several factors, such as:

The power demand of the household appliances and devices.

The duration of backup power needed in case of grid outage.

The amount of solar energy generated and consumed by the household.

The type and efficiency of the battery system.


4.8kWH is common suitable for a family power requirement.




Space saving: Wall mount battery
Long life: Wall mount battery uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4).


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