Flat Concrete Roof Mounting

Light Weight,Convenient and Durable.

Install Site: Flat Concrete Roof or Open Filed Adjustable Tilt

Angle: Customized

Max Building Height:Up to 20m(≈65ft).

Max Wind Speed:60m/s Snow Load:1.4 KN/m²

Material:Aluminum 6005-T5&Stainless Steel 304

Warranty: 10 years warranty; 25 years service life.



U-Shine Tripod Mounting is suitable for installing framed or frameless modules.

Tripod bracket can be designed to be adjustable or fixed mounting system to meet every client’s requirements




A: US-BTR Ballast Tripod Bracket                  US-FTR L Bar Tripod Bracket                                               B: US-R02 Extruded Rail Profile

AI6005-T5 & SUS304                                        AI6005-T5 & SUS304                                                              Al6005-T5-T5

C: US-BR-02 Rail Clamp                                          D:  US-IC-40 Mid Clamp                                                             E: US-SC-40 End Clamp

Al6005-T5 & SUS304                                                Al6005-T5 & SUS304                                                                  Al6005-T5 & SUS304

Installation Guide

Step 1:Fix tripod bracket on concrete block or flat roof.  Step 2: Fix solar rail on tripod bracket and lock by rail clamp.  Step 3: Put solar panel on rail and fix with solar clamp until finished

Bolt solution for tripod bracket.

Solution 1:by expansion bolt                               Solution 2: by ground anchor


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