5.12kwh Rack Mount Residential Energy Storage


> LiFePO4 is used as positive material, long cycle life and good safety performance.

> Cycle life is no less than 6000 cycles @80% DOD, 0.5C.

> BMS offers voltage, current, temperature protection and alarm functions.

> BMS unit measures current, voltage, cell temperature and ambient temperature.

> Rack mount design, suitable for >=600mm IT rack. 3U 5.12kWH compact design. System capacity available for up-to 82kWH.

> Modular design for easy paralleling, Optional Combiner module is available.

> Certificated with IEC/ UL.

> Design life no less than 15 years.

> Compatible for major Inverter brands in the market.

> Professional in OEM/ ODM design. Offering flexiable options to global customer.


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High security technology ensures stable and excellent performance.

Compatible with multiple inverters including

KSTAR DEYE GOODWE Solis Growatt Voltronic….

It provides highly efficient energy solutions for household scenarios and small commercial


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5.12kwh rack mounting residential energy storage is a scalable modular design.
The modules are connected by cables to support high-power work and are easy to install and maintain.
Long life technology ensures more than 6000 cycles.


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