Railless Roof Mounting

Adjustable Angle: 10-15degree,15-30degree,30-60degree

Install Site: Tin Roof

Max Building Height:Up to 20m(≈65ft).

Max Wind Speed:60m/s Snow Load:1.4 KN/m2

Material: Aluminum 6005-T5& Stainless Steel 304

Warranty: 10 years warranty;25 years service life.



U-Shine Adjustable Tin Roof Mounting is designed to meet the adjustable tilt angle requirement,

tilt angle adjustable make solar mounting system get the best efficiency on each season.

Detail Of Adjustable Leg



A:  US-AFL Adjustable Front Leg                      B: Adjustable Rear Leg Al6005-T5,                                        C: US-R02 Extruded Al6005-T5 Rail Profile

Al6005-T5                                                          10-15°,15-30,30-60°                                                                  To support solar panel.


D: US-IC-40 Mid Clamp                                             E:  US-SC-40 End Clamp                                                        F: US-R02-S Rail Splice

Al6005 & SUS304                                                        Al6005 & SUS304                                                                    AI6005 & SUS304

Step 1: Fix adjustable front leg and                            Step 2: Fix solar rail on adjustable                           Step 3: Put solar panel on rail and

rear leg on steel roofing.                                                front leg and rear leg.                                                  fix with solar clamp until finished.


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